Another example of extreme human stupidity

Why is it people insist on pulling out in front of you and proceeding to do ten miles an hour UNDER the speed limit? What’s even worse – no one is behind me. This d-bag made me slam on my brakes so he can pull out in front of me and politely invite me to eat his dust.

Next time, wait ten seconds until I pass. It won’t kill you.

And if it does, good.


An introduction

After realizing every day why I’m getting sick and tired of the human race, I decided to vent my frustrations out by writing them down. I know I will probably piss some people off and I don’t really care. For the rest of you, I hope that you can see where I’m coming from or even relate.

The thing that got me to this point of creating the blog was this YouTube clip my sister sent me yesterday:

If you don’t want to watch it, I’ll break it down for you.

A woman named Angel – I shit you not. This is her name – has fifteen children and thirteen of them are living with her inside a motel room. She says multiple times in the video that ”

“Someone’s gotta pay for me and my kids.”

Color me stupid, but isn’t that your job as a mother? Why is it someone else has to pay for your children?

If I could tell this woman anything, I’d tell her this: I’ll pay for your ignorant, dumb, welfare whoring ass to get spayed. How’s that? I’ll even start a Chipin link so people can donate money to get you sterilized.

Now do you see why I created this blog? As I find things that piss me off or wish God would give me a pass so that for just one day I could get to work with a chainsaw and a hot poker, I’ll list them here. I look forward to your comments.